Practice Areas

Your Trusted and Experienced Legal Advocate

  • Appellate

    CMP provides complete motion practice and appellate services. These include pre-trial motions, interlocutory appeals and post-trial activities. The firm provides appellate counsel during trial to preserve key issues for appellate review. In doing so, CMP views appellate counsel as a vital part of the trial team.


  • Aviation Litigation

    The attorneys in CMP’s aviation practice group have represented aviation manufacturers, component part suppliers, FAA service centers and operators in a wide variety of litigation in state and federal courts ranging from intellectual property and contract disputes to catastrophic multiple-fatality products liability actions.

    In addition to staying on top of developments in the statutory and case law impacting our aviation clients, our aviation attorneys also maintain technical knowledge of the systems and components of our clients’ fixed-wing and rotor-driven aircraft. Attorneys in our aviation practice group have completed aviation manufacturer training schools, have an undergraduate education in engineering and routinely participate in aviation-industry conferences and seminars.

    The combination of aviation litigation experience and technical knowledge enables our aviation practice group to maximize cost efficiency while assisting our clients in obtaining successful outcomes.


  • Class Action / Complex Litigation

    CMP attorneys understand the complexities of class action and mass action litigation. Our attorneys are experienced in handling claims made by consumers, workers, residents and other classes of claimants in regard to a vast range of exposure areas. Our expertise ranges from straightforward nuisance or dust-and-debris claims relating to a construction project to complex chemical exposure claims like the multi-district Chinese drywall litigation.

    Our approach to handling claims is to do so in an efficient, cost-conscious manner and to apprise clients, at every turn, of the ultimate exposure and concern in the case. We are capable of defending class and mass action claims in any of our focused practice areas.


  • Commercial / Contract Law

    The attorneys of CMP have represented a wide array of clients in contractual and commercial disputes. These clients range from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses. We have defended, arbitrated and tried claims relating to breach of contract, bad faith, construction, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of warranty actions, tortious interference and other business torts.

    Whether the claims arise under federal or state law, our attorneys are capable of defending and prosecuting these cases in order to seek the best and most sensible business outcome for the client. Our approaches range from advising clients of all possible outcomes and helping them determine the most favorable result to advising a claim be fully litigated through the court system.


  • Construction Litigation

    The attorneys of CMP understand the complexities of construction litigation. Unlike other lines of business, contractors, designers and builders face many sources of exposure ranging from employment and worker safety concerns to building condition and quality of work when a project is turned over to its owner. Our attorneys represent individuals and companies related to all phases, of construction, including owners, developers, contractors, design professionals and risk insurers.

    We understand the difficulty developers and contractors often face during the development and construction phases and we work hard to help keep projects moving. Our practical advice helps contractors move toward the best outcome from both a business and efficiency standpoint. Whether the issue arises in contract negotiation, arbitration, litigation or simply in attempting to resolve jobsite disputes, we always put our client’s interest first.

    Our attorneys have helped shape Alabama construction law both in the legislature and the Alabama Supreme Court. CMP attorneys have authored and assisted in drafting legislation reducing the statute of repose for contractors, risk transfer and limiting liability exposure for road builders. Arguments made by CMP attorneys have shaped Alabama’s law regarding indemnity and contractor exposure, including the first case wherein the Alabama Supreme Court recognized the accepted work doctrine.


  • Employment Litigation

    In the ever-evolving world of employment regulations, most business owners and managers need experienced employment attorneys they can rely on for trusted advice and guidance. Whether it involves negotiating employment contracts, preparing employee policies, advising on hiring and firing policies or representing employers in court or before governmental agencies, our employment lawyers can handle the task efficiently and effectively.

    We regularly defend litigation in federal and state courts, providing representation to employers in cases brought under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Fair Labor Standards Act and other federal statutory claims. We are also experienced with state claims including retaliatory discharge, breach of contract and employment tort actions.


  • Environmental & Natural Resources Litigation

    Our attorneys have a long track record of successfully representing clients in real property, timber, oil and gas, mineral and other natural resources, environmental litigation and transactions throughout the Southeastern United States. CMP attorneys’ practical knowledge and legal experience allow them to assist clients in obtaining economically beneficial resolutions to a broad range of business and litigation issues.

    The experience of attorneys in our NRE practice group has been recognized on the state and national level, having been awarded Best of the Bar and Super Lawyer designations in the practice areas of Environmental, Real Estate and Agriculture (Forestry). Our attorneys also hold industry leadership positions including the Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association Forest Resource Committee and are also active on committees for associations in the forestry and real estate industries.


  • Fraud / Bad Faith

    In 1981, the Alabama Supreme Court recognized the tort of “bad faith” in Alabama. Since that time, bad faith and fraud cases have seen some of the most significant punitive damages awards on record in the state. Given this potential, it is important to have attorneys who understand insurance coverage, know how to prepare adjusters and corporate representatives for deposition and who are prepared to go to trial. The attorneys at CMP have taken multiple insurance bad faith cases to jury verdict and fiercely advocated for the carrier’s position.


  • Insurance Coverage & Defense

    A significant portion of CMP’s practice is dedicated to the litigation of insurance-related matters and the defense of insureds. Our attorneys have extensive training and experience in insurance defense and in all types and phases of claims. CMP attorneys have partnered with insurance carriers, for more than thirty years and are well known for being able to assist with their legal needs. We have more than 300 years of combined experience as insurance defense and coverage lawyers.

    CMP’s attorneys provide a full menu of services for insurance carriers including defending insureds, preparing coverage opinions and litigating coverage matters, including declaratory judgment matters as well as handling excess cases. CMP attorneys have fostered attorney-client relationships with many carriers and the firm’s attorneys are some of Alabama’s most-cited authorities on insurance matters.

    The defense of insureds is a tenet of the firm’s litigation capabilities. The CMP team fully understands the often-complex relationship between insured and insurer and strives daily to overcome those challenges. CMP attorneys handle cases across a variety of litigation practice areas including product liability, workers’ compensation, construction defect, employment, environmental, municipal, premises liability and professional errors and omissions claims. In all cases, CMP attorneys enthusiastically defend insureds with skill and experienced understanding.


  • Life Sciences

    Medical device and pharmaceutical cases are demanding. However, CMP is uniquely suited to defend these complex matters. Our firm has attorneys with extensive product liability and medical malpractice defense experience. We have expertise, experience and knowledge in medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing and engineering and FDA regulations. We have access to experts from many disciplines which facilitates efficient and effective handling of these matters.


  • Medical Malpractice

    CMP has a team of attorneys representing healthcare providers including hospitals, physicians, nursing homes and others. This team approach allows us to be responsive, thorough and prepared. We offer our clients a unique and widely successful approach to deposition preparation and have dedicated motion practice/appellate counsel. The same approach helps us prepare for and succeed in the often complex and lengthy trial of medical matters. Our team frequently consults with healthcare institutions on risk management matters, end-of-life decisions and EMTALA claims as well.


  • Municipal / Governmental Litigation

    The attorneys in CMP’s governmental risk practice group have decades of experience representing state, county and municipal government entities and their officers and officials. Our attorneys have successfully defended public sector clients in state and federal court actions covering the complete landscape of governmental liability including use of force, conditions of confinement and search and seizure cases under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, challenges of utility rates, zoning and licensing decisions and employment actions under state and federal law.

    Our governmental risk practice group is dedicated to staying on the leading-edge of developments in the law impacting governmental liability. We are uniquely positioned to provide cost-efficient representation and are often successful in obtaining dismissal of the claims against our clients prior to incurring the delay and expense of discovery.


  • Nursing Home Litigation

    At CMP, our long-term care team understands the challenges nursing homes face in today’s litigation environment. Our team of attorneys, paralegals and litigation support staff have the expertise and experience to defend long-term care facilities against all types of claims, from personal injury to wrongful death. We have successfully defended nursing homes and related entities in a variety of venues throughout Alabama, both in jury trials and in arbitration proceedings.


  • Premises Liability

    Premises liability is a concern for all property owners, not just business owners.  Whether the premises is a church, home, office or store, CMP understands the risk and exposure in premises cases. We provide effective and cost-conscious litigation defense for insurance carriers, large and small businesses such as restaurants, the retail industry, large corporations landlords, governmental entities and other entities facing premises liability claims involving personal injury and, in some cases, wrongful death.

    In addition to handling cases already in litigation, we provide advice on risk management and loss prevention to reduce future liability and litigation exposure.  Working together with safety consultants and similar resources, we can use our experience to help your organization reduce the risk of future injuries and claims.  The best approach for entities facing a potential premises liability claim is preparation before it happens and a rapid response to thoroughly investigate following an incident.


  • Product Liability

    Liability laws for an injury caused by an alleged product defect can vary greatly across the country. Alabama’s Extended Manufacturer’s Liability Doctrine is judicially created to be unique, especially when considering how the doctrine interplays with the common law. Liability for a party may depend on whether the party being sued is a retailer, distributor, manufacturer or designer.

    CMP attorneys are not only experienced in defending these claims, we also have argued a number of the cases that have judicially shaped the AEMLD in both state and federal courts. These claims include numerous types of products including automobiles, helicopters, heavy trucks, consumer goods, industrial and agricultural equipment and medical devices. Our attorneys are well versed in all aspects of defending product manufacturers, from assessment of the claims, developing an understanding of the product, evaluation of expert witnesses and trial.


  • Professional Liability

    Litigation claims made against professionals in Alabama require a specific skill set maintained by the attorneys of CMP. Claims made against physicians, nurses, lawyers, accountants and real estate professionals are an extremely important part of our litigation practice. For years, the attorneys of CMP have offered the highest quality representation of these professionals in claims involving licensure issues and errors and omissions. In addition, CMP represents architects, engineers, insurance agents and mortgage service providers, among others.


  • Real Estate

    The lawyers of CMP have represented and assisted real estate agents, builders, appraisers and home inspectors for more than 30 years. We provide our real estate clients with a trusted source for advice and guidance on the day-to-day legal issues impacting real estate professionals. We recognize one of the most valuable services we can provide to our clients is to handle an issue before it becomes a problem. Risk management for our clients is our top priority. We routinely provide our clients with risk management seminars and classes on real estate law updates.

    We not only represent real estate clients in litigation and before administrative agencies, but we also assist in the preparation of contracts, office forms and policies, and advise on matters relating to RECAD, RESPA and USPAP.


  • Restaurant & Hospitality Litigation

    CMP knows brand protection is vital to our client’s interests. We recognize the importance of quickly and efficiently evaluating claims and vigorously defending our client’s hard-earned reputation for quality products and services. We have the skills and expertise to properly assess claims and reach the best resolution, whether before trial, with a verdict or on appeal. Our restaurant and hospitality practice can successfully manage all aspects of litigation. We proudly represent Fortune 500 Companies and local independent restaurant operators in a variety of cases including premises liability, security, employment, workers’ compensation, foodborne illness and construction claims.


  • Toxic Tort

    The attorneys at CMP understand the complex nature of toxic tort claims both in regard to the scientific concerns as well as the logistics of handling mass and class action cases. Our attorneys have defended and tried cases alleging exposure and injury ranging from asbestos to formaldehyde. Our team understands the strategy needed to defend these cases both in industrial and consumer settings and claims including a single claimant or hundreds of plaintiffs.


  • Transportation Litigation

    At CMP, we know transportation cases involve unique issues including hours of service, driver qualification, weight ratings, load placement and preventative maintenance, among others. We have the experience and resources to defend not only personal injury and property damage cases, but also employment and workers’ compensation matters for our transportation clients. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients in order to provide quality representation with the clients’ goals in mind.

    CMP provides a 24-hour, rapid response to trucking accidents because we know some of the most vital evidence can be gathered or lost in the minutes and hours after an accident. We are available around the clock because that’s when our clients need us.


  • Worker’s Compensation

    CMP brings a depth of experienced trial lawyers to evaluate and defend workers’ compensation cases throughout Alabama. We believe in moving matters to an expeditious and successful conclusion, whether by resolution or trial. We remain responsive and accessible to clients and understand the importance of keeping clients informed on case developments as they occur. Our lawyers also assist clients in the development of strategies to avoid litigation and reduce claims as well as strategic protocols once an injury occurs.