About Clark, May, Price

Expect Experience, Advocacy, Responsibility and Accessibility


When you work with a litigation firm, you want experience and expertise. At Clark, May, Price, our attorneys have more than 150 years of combined experience and have tried more than 300 cases in Alabama courts. Our experience includes — but is certainly not limited to — medical malpractice, professional liability, products liability, construction defects, insurance defense, and workers’ compensation cases.


We are highly accomplished attorneys and fierce advocates determined to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Again, we have tried more than 300 cases in Alabama courts. We know how to manage a courtroom, influence jurors and vigorously defend our clients’ interests. We consider our clients partners, work tirelessly on their behalf and take our results personally.


We are smart, efficient and committed to being responsible with our clients’ resources. Which is why we keep our offices simple, our staff minimal and our processes streamlined. We are not looking for ways to bill hours. We are providing high-quality, results-driven legal services at a fair price to each and every client we represent.


Our attorneys are accessible, practical and down-to-earth. We believe in integrity, transparency and hard work. We don’t surround ourselves with marble and mahogany. We like to say we are attorneys without egos. This allows us to listen and collaborate with our clients and build relationships based on trust and mutual success.